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painter | United Kingdom

Vicky Dale

Vicky Dale - painter
"My work is devoid of people but is dominated by the traces they leave behind. In essence I am attracted to the man-made but not the man."

Vicky Dale is a British painter, based in London. Her father was an artist who introduced her to all aspects of art from an early age. She followed in his footsteps, becoming an artist in her own right. She graduated from Hertfordshire University with a degree in Fine Art

Exploring in depth our Infrastructure

Dale is enticed by man-made landscapes and is mesmerised by the way that light gives these structures a new perspective. Her most recent work focuses on brutalist architecture, exploring the hard lines and flat shapes of these buildings. Dale has a deep interest in the texture of the concrete and enjoys experimenting with a plethora of techniques to reflect the variation of man-made environments that shape the modern world.

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Capturing the Right Image for her Painting

Dale commences her work by taking photos of the buildings that will be her focal point. She captures these buildings at the moment where, due to the right amount of light exposure, shadows start to appear on the walls of the architecture. Instead of using sketching, Dale draws directly on the canvas, attempting to simplify viewpoints to the essentials of light and shape.

Outstanding Recognition

Vicky Dale has participated in many exhibitions across the UK. The painter has taken part in shows including the Lynn Painter-Stainers Finalist Exhibition and the Sunday Times Watercolour Competition in 2017.



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Highgate New Town

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Buildings and Bridges

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  • 2018
    Jackson's Painting Prize - Nominated– United Kingdom
  • 2017
    Sunday Times Watercolour Competition - Nominated– United Kingdom
  • 2017
    Lynn Painter Stainers Prize - Nominated– United Kingdom

Group exhibitions

  • 2017
    Lynn Painter Stainers Finalist Exhibition / Mall Galleries – London, United Kingdom
  • 2017
    Sunday Times Watercolour Competition / Mall Galleries – London, United Kingdom
  • 2013
    Nothing Here / Free Space Gallery – London, United Kingdom
  • 2010
    BHVU Winter Open / BHVU Gallery – London, United Kingdom
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