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painter | United Kingdom

Michael Alford

Michael Alford - painter
"Painting for me is recapturing the experience of seeing"

Michael Alford lives and works in London. Known for an expressive painting style that fuses classical techniques with a sharp, modern sensibility, he exhibits extensively in the United Kingdom, the United States and Europe.

Early Influences

Alford's earliest art training came from his father, a colonel in the Royal Engineers, who taught him to draw in perspective from a young age. After a stint in the Royal Marines, Alford studied Spanish and Arabic at Durham University which allowed him to travel extensively in South America and the Middle East. While wandering around the world, Michael kept detailed sketchbooks to record everything he saw. After returning, he chose to study art at the Slade School and the Chelsea School of Art.

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Diverse Landscape

Alford's varied body of work reflects his interest in many types of painting. He is well known for powerful cityscapes of contemporary urban centers—especially London—and for landscapes that capture diverse geographies through the eyes of a passionate traveler. His paintings of figures, clothed and nude, are sought after for their combination of fine draughtsmanship, acute observation and sense of drama.

Military Honours for a traveler-painter

Alford has been awarded prizes including the Green and Stone Oil Painting Prize, the Agnes Reeve Memorial Prize for best painting of London, and the Prima Luce Mural prize. Alford is a member of the Chelsea Arts Society. He has twice been appointed war artist to the British Military and was also commissioned by the military to produce artwork in Iraq in 2016.



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Seascapes and Landscapes

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Group exhibitions

  • 2016
    Royal Society of Oil Painters Annual / Mall Galleries – London, United Kingdom
  • 2016
    The Nude / Blackheath Gallery – London, United Kingdom

Solo exhibitions

  • 2017
    Panter & Hall- “Three British Impressionists” / Panter & Hall Gallery – London, United Kingdom
  • 2016
    Wimbledon Fine Art-Michael Alford Recent Work / Wimbledon Fine Art – London, United Kingdom
  • 2010
    Michael Alford- recent Paintings / Duncan Cambell Fine Art – London, United Kingdom
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